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Create amazing videos with special effects with your choice of music. Make videos that youll be proud to share with your friends ! Create cool home videos in retro and cartoon style.
Have you ever wondered how people create those funny animated videos ? Now you can record them too with new Stop Motion feature (available as an extra Pack). To use it Enable Stop Motion mode, set duration of each fragment and pause between recordings. Once Enabled it will start recording the video with short fragments and delay between recordings giving you time for re-positioning an object or person.

You dont have to be a video editor or know anything about video editing at all.
You don't need professional camera and video editor software.
Pick up a song, select from a number of effects and filters and start recording. No need to wait to see the result, you can even change the effects as you record the movie !

 More than 50 effects in total, numerous effects for free: Film, Ghost, Cartoon, Cinematic, Stroboscope, Thermal, Mirror, Neon and others
 Select mp3 song on your device for the video or use microphone
 Pauseresume record of the video to change the effect and scene
 Start Timer allows you to delay the recording of each clip and gives you time to get prepared for recording
 Autopause let's you pause recording automatically without touching the button on the phone
 Fast forward mode
 Create animated videos with Stop Motion feature
 Export to Media Gallery in mp4 format. Look for this option under the Share button
 Built-in player to watch recorded movies
 Support for back and frontal camera
 Share and upload to Youtube, Facebook and other services

It's easy to use. Give it a try and see how you perform as music video star !

If you experience problemscrashes please let us know by email and we will look into the problem. Thank you.

Instructions & Recommendations:
- Recording video requires a lot of CPUGPU power. On some devices you may get low-fps and jerky videos. If so, try decreasing resolution on the settings page.
- Please note that at the moment the app supports only mp3 tracks! It won't accept audio in other formats (wma, mp4a, ogg etc)! You can reset audio source to microphone in the settings.
- Video recording requires a lot of free space on SD card. The app will warn if free space on your SD is below 300M and will block or stop recording if it falls below 100M.
- Please disable the "Do not keep activities" option in the SettingsDeveloper optionsApps. It might cause issues on some devices (endless app restart).

Interested in creating movies from pictures? Try our new app SlideFX Slideshow Creator !
Download it here:

VideoFX uses ffmpeg under LGPL license and libjpeg-turbo under BSD license

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  • Έκδοση APK
    2.3.7 build 212
  • Συμβατότητα Android
    2.3.3 - 2.3.7+ (Gingerbread)
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